Low-Cost toxic gas Sensors for residential and light commercial applications

Low-Cost flammable (explosive) Gas Sensors for residential and light commercial applications

High specification catalytic flammable Gas Sensors for Industrial applications

High specification electrochemical toxic Gas Sensors for Industrial applications

Relative Humidity Sensors for various environmental and Process control applications

Residential Flammable Gas Sensors

Nemoto Products Overview

Gas Sensors for use in Residential Gas Detectors, Combined CO/Fire Detectors, Industrial Gas Detection Instruments, Flue gas analysers, Underground Car Park Monitoring systems, Portable gas detectors, Gas leak detectors, Air quality instrumentation, Fuel-Cell Safety equipment,  Fixed Incomplete combustion sensors for water heating boilers, and more.

Residential Toxic Gas Sensors

Specialist High Technology Plating Services

Nemoto's special technologies enable the plating of various types of metals not possible with conventional techniques.

Plating platinum or indium on tungsten or molybdenum, nickel or copper plating on glass or ceramics are just a few examples of the materials Nemoto can work with.

These platings are applied in many electronic parts today.

Luminous and Phosphorescent Pigments

Long Afterglow Phosphorescent pigment LumiNova®

ZnS based phosphorescent Pigment -GSS Series

Light diffusion pigment -Lumipearl

Specialty Fluorescent pigments:

EL Phosphors

CCFL Phosphors

Specialty Lamp Phosphors

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