The NAP-50A / NAP-55A / NAP-66A Range

Our most popular catalytic gas sensor range, with over 2.5 million devices manufactured annually, and we think the best value catalytic flammable gas sensor on the market today. Originally designed primarily for low-cost residential gas detectors, but these days finding a wide variety of other applications due to performance levels surpassing many other catalytic sensors with a much higher price tag.

The NAP-56 / NAP-67 Range

The next generation of low cost catalytic sensors from Nemoto. Similar in overall performance to the NAP-55A / NAP-66A type sensors above, but with a metal enclosure and phenolic resin header, the NAP-56A and NAP-67A benefit from a wider working temperature range of -20 to +70º c. making these sensors ideally suited for use in detectors intended for use in Recreational Vehicles (RV), caravans and pleasure boats.

Models available optimised for Methane or propane /LPG

Low-Cost Catalytic Flammable (Explosive) Gas Sensors for

Residential and Light Commercial Applications

The NSU-131A catalytic Sensor Module

A Nemoto catalytic flammable gas sensor supplied in a module housing complete with the recommended output circuit. The module is pre calibrated for zero offset to the designers customised requirements, and no further zero adjustment is necessary once installed.

Available with a variety of sensors fitted.

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Models available optimised for Methane or propane /LPG, with a special version specifically for EN50194 approved instruments

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