The NAP-505 Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor

The only low-cost electrochemical CO sensor benefiting from 3-electrode operation - normally only seen in higher cost industrial standard sensors. Designed for use in high quality Residential CO detectors, Combined sensor type fire detectors and commercial gas detection systems (for example underground car park monitoring systems). We think the NAP-505 is simply the best low-cost CO sensor available from anywhere.

   0-1000ppm, 7-year lifetime, -20 to +50ºC temperature range

The NAP-550 Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor

Designed to complement the NAP-505 CO sensor when used in commercial gas detection systems, especially underground car-park monitoring equipment, where NO2 monitoring of diesel exhaust fumes is becoming increasingly required.

0-30ppm, minimum 2-year lifetime,

-20 to +50ºC temperature range

Low-Cost Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

The NAP-508 Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor

The next generation CO low-csot CO sensor from Nemoto. Drawing on our considerable experience with the established and very popular NAP-505, The NAP-508 benefits from a warranted 10 year life.

   0-1000ppm, 10-year lifetime, -20 to +50ºC temperature range